The right loan allows you to reduce debt and sets you up for financial independence. By building equity in your home you can also consider an investment property in the future if that’s something you are planning. This is where SMI can help. As mortgage brokers we provide transparent advice on what ALL lenders are offering now. We recommend the best deal, manage the loan application and track the loan to settlement.


Many people make the mistake of taking a “set and forget” view of their loan. Banks love this as they don’t have to worry that they aren’t looking after you. We think that as your lender makes a healthy profit from the interest they charge you they should be proactive – BUT, when was the last time they rang and offered you a lower interest rate?


With over 50 lenders in Australia the choice is vast and difficult to compare. Some loan products appear to have a lower cost but come with built in fees. Some lenders have annual packages which have a compulsory credit card that you may not need.


Contact SMI and secure your financial independence now.


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