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Can I access my Super without retiring?

For many of us, the ability to retire at our preservation age and comfortably live off our superannuation is a distant dream. What was naively envisioned in youth as a goal that once reached consisted of bliss and comfort, is now a milestone that can only be truly celebrated by a lucky few. With this in mind, life can be easier if we could work while also receiving our hard-earned super, which can in fact be possible once you turn 60.

Retirement at or after the age of 60 requires that you terminate an arrangement under which you are gainfully employed. This means that if you have multiple employers, and end employment from one and remain being gainfully employed by the other, depending on your superannuation terms, you may still be able to access your super while working.

If you only have one job, you can terminate that employment to ‘retire’, but from there can begin a new arrangement of employment, which could be casual, part-time or full-time. Once you have access to your super, you do not actually have to actively draw from it and can rather leave it to grow.

Despite the lost dream of a life of leisure at 60, there are a number of benefits of continuing to work, such as:

  • Keeping your mind active

  • Providing a stable routine

  • Extra income to supplement your super

  • Opportunity to socialise and meet new people

  • Opportunity to pass on skills to a younger generation

If you’re not across the terms of your superannuation, we can make it easier to understand and give you the transparency you need to make decisions today so it will reward you in the future. Beyond this, we can assist you in finding your lost super, selecting the right super fund for you and managing the process for you.

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