The temptation to celebrate, treat ourselves and go on holiday in the Summer months is hard to ignore. Couple that with buying gifts for Christmas and it starts to become quite the money drainer.

That goal of getting to saving X amount before the end of the year has suddenly become increasingly out of reach.

However, by making some small sacrifices and thinking creatively, you can lessen the blow on your bank account while still having fun.

1. Camping

Always a classic money saver, camping allows you to soak up the outdoors, get your eyes away from a screen and appreciate the company around you. There are plenty of free and low cost camping spots around the country, positioned close to beaches, walking trails, swimming holes and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If sleeping with a stable roof over your head is more of your cup of tea, AirBnB has a plethora of unique rooms and entire houses that cost significantly less than the average hotel room and give you a much more homely experience. Sorting by “Lowest price” you can find some absolute gems hidden away in superb locations not spoiled by apartments.

2. Your own Outdoor Cinema

Going to the movies is often spoiled by the costs of the ticket and snacks. Finding yourself sitting next to a stranger who can’t keep quiet is also a common occurrence! Rather than just watching a film in your living room at home, it’s extremely easy to create your own outside cinema, giving you a unique yet familiar setting to watch what you want.

Mini video projectors cost as little as $60, and by plugging it into your computer or television you can beam it out to project on a white wall/sheet in the backyard. Decorate the setting with some fairy lights, throw in a bunch of cushions or bring the couch outside, along with some reasonably priced snacks from the pantry, and you’ve got a unique movie experience to be enjoyed in the comfort and convenience of your own backyard.

3. Have a garage sale

With the warm weather drawing people outside (unless blistering hot!), there’s a perfect opportunity to turn the front of your property into a market stall. If you had to leave your house with your most prized possessions there would likely be a number of items that once held value to you but no longer do. Although heard thousands of times before, ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure’, and with your market stall rent already being paid for, the only cost is your time – which can still be enjoyed with a beverage in hand and your favourite songs being played to create a friendly atmosphere..

4. Put the BBQ to good use

Rather than spending large amounts on expensive meat, there are endless cheap and delicious meals that can be made on the humblest of BBQs. From coconut grilled corn cobs, Portobello mushroom burgers, lemon lime chicken to orange picante pork chops, grilled beef gyros and grilled eggplant bruschetta, there are a number of recipes out there to impress your family and the most accomplished of cooks.

5. Start a garden

By planting the seeds (pun intended!) for your own grocery store, you’ll be adding a rich feature to your home while giving you a new and wholesome hobby. Not to be forgotten though is the immense savings you will get from having access to fresh herbs and veggies straight from your garden. Even if you don’t have a full backyard to plant a bountiful vegetable garden, you can still grow herbs and other veggies on your window sill or balcony.

If you need assistance with your budgeting for not only summer, but beyond, we can assist you with creating and implementing your budget, to ensure that you are on track to achieving your financial goals.